By DIMITRI BULAN, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.



Hypnosis practice is officially recognise since 1842 by the Scottish surgeon James BRAID,

He scientifically explain the principle of what is an “another state of mind”.( altered state of consciousness).

In 1891, the Professor Hyppolite BERSTEIN create a new expression “psychotherapy”, that specify a technical create by the use of the language who create another altered state of conscious. This state is an open door to hypnotic’s suggestions for loading a mechanism inside the mind to soluce heath troubles or pain.


The Professor Milton H ERICKSON transforms hypnosis with a new approach in “ericksonian hypnosis”. When he was a young boy he watched carefully his sisters and find signs that are not language but create a path to communicate. They could say “yes” et the body language explain a silent “no”. It’s the beginning of calibration, the careful study of the body signs and also the first steps of the non verbal language.

Ericksonian hypnosis considers the patient as unic, which means the approach rules in the way of the patient at his own size for himself. There is no a unic solution for all…

The individual unconscious is the part of the mind that works a lot for the patient and also have the much useful tools made by the patient himself/herself. This unconscious use to find a new path never been explored by the conscious and the ego. This state appears only after a long time of language work ship about rationalizing the vital signs of the body’s patient by the practitioner.

During the 50’s, a new path arise from the “Palo Alto”‘s school: called “new hypnosis”. These techniques of suggestions are more soft and the language use is more open minded. The patient can “imagine” what he wants when the practitioner speaks about colours, trees, flowers…he never talk about “this is green…this a rose…”

Also “short therapy” or “breve therapy” is synonyms of “Ericksonian”.


During this time a new wave studied everything about psychology, mathematics, sociology and ethnology to create a new concept call Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The creators are Mr BANDLER and GRINDER. They teach that you can learn the good gesture and doing it after as if it was yourself.

Studying the words used in language’s expression, the practitioner find easily the pain or the matter of unwellness. Playing language’s games heal the mind of the patient who used to turn in pattern.

This technique is 70% of the erickson’s one.


EMDR (eyes movement desensibilisation reprocessing ) borned around the 80’s but is also something that came from the ericksonian’s tools.

When you speak, your eyes express a lot of informations about yourself.


All the techniques explained above are really efficient and work deeply with the unconscious, as your ego during this period try to censures yourself on your wellness path. That is why this method is at your time for more comfort is your own wellbeing.

 It is easy to understand by your own that your area create a comportment, which create capacities until you believe them deeply as fact…and by this way it s YOU. All that you are is in this schema.


Where non verbal communication does begins?


During the first (even phone) contact with your practitioner, all the words that you will use and all the things that you will told explain your state of mind and your mind thought way.

It’s important for the feedback language. By this way, it s easy to understand if you think by image, sound, taste, smell…

And for your brain wellness, the answer should be in the same channel as you.

Knowing if you are introvert or extrovert.

Do you think your glass is half empty or half full?


At the very first contact, your way to speak (low, loud…), to breath, eyes movements, how you sit, more on your left side or right side, words, language…

Everything in this gives keys to understand you deeply, and to answer you in your language.

For some it will be an inside talk before answering like self censorship out of your control.

The practitioner must have to study you very carefully, to speak like you, to breath like you, to move like you…to create empathy.

Some of your words are really like swords that cut links to open the doors of wellness.

These clues are the key used to create the first start to change.

Then, the second part of the moment become a mirroring state where you feel that your practitioner understand you really. That is the subtly mechanic of empathy, where sympathy has no place, and only understanding…nothing personal from him to you.


The Therapist is in a position where he knows…nothing!

So the patient uses his own way to explain everything he thinks.

And during this time, the leading period appears, he does something that the patient reproduces automatically…and here begin the suggestions. Your unconscious is ready to communicate and share too. A link is creating, like Morse code, and the brain is ready for working for non specific language.


Non specific language is the art of circumlocution, for example:

“Explain that you need something that help to talk with someone”

And this is a chair.









At this moment, the patient is in an altered state of mind. By the use of words the therapist can crate a levitation of the hand, means that the hand will hold up itself. This happens without order. A metaphoric speech only produces this fact. Remind the exercise of Mister ROSSI where a hand symbols the troubles and the other the solutions of them. The unconscious produce itself the phenomena and the two hands will meet themselves to end.


The client communicates without words and without ego censorship.

The reptilian brain do not understand the meaning of the “no” power.

It’s like a small six years old chid. Subtlety use words to give attention on over part for not understanding and confuse him.



In a hospital, a nurse needs to do a fix to a patient.

If she tells “be careful it will hurt”, she induces suffering by just suggesting it.

If she tells “how do you come here…how the weather is outside…”

She’s not suggesting anything.


For disable persons or oldest persons, they can learn dissociation with exercise of imagination (being here physically and the mind somewhere else), and their brain can locked the pain feelings.

Non verbal is here.

Building a metaphoric history that creates a lucid dreaming which is leading in the field of the unconscious just the time used to receive healing by a nurse (for example).


The breath is the motor of changes for wellness of the client, and also the language by using the five feelings in suggestions…


The most important is the illusion you give about a choice between two that is not a choice.



You tell someone that he can walk and turn on the right, or he can walk and turn on the left, or to end walk and go along…

What does he do? He walks and does a choice.

Never has he stopped, never he goes back.

He accepts to walk.

This type of language is the language for soluce.


To end i will say, Mister Erickson used to say:

“All your whole life you learned … and you can select in your memories, your hope, your dreams, your desires, and organise differently your knowledge in the spirit of your own wellness for yourself”.

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