Before you look around, to see and say "I love you" ...

What is the first person you see in the morning?
No ... .. Y.O.U.
Start with the first person, "YOU".
By loving yourself you will learn to repect ...
The importance of this first look into yourself (without falling into the narcissism).
Love, in today's society has warped ... the beloved becomes an object property ... ...
What are the people you attract?
Do you still experience the same cyclic life couple?
By loving yourself you will realize your true self ... not the social mask.
By doing this, you will transform it better ... ... you become a magnet.
And the world around you ... will change its look at you too ..
There is no magic in love ... everyone is different ... the Supreme alchemy will be different every time ...
Do not miss the point ... keep a thread of you to another, too many differences appeal to you today but tomorrow you will grow back ...
By learning to love you ... you will love the other for what he / she really is .. you respect yourself as you can / follow this for other too ...
  Listening to you, your communication, you can listen to the other ... leave him/her a place in the communication ... and create an exchange that feeds on itself.
Use a game of this nature reserve to maintain your inner peace and you gradually awaken to love.
The more you love ...and you will inspire LOVE.
"Loving yourself is the beginning of a love story that will last a life time. " Oscar Wilde.

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