Le Parisien

That's what title Le Parisien, which tells "a series of scientific studies published in the U.S. and Europe by researchers of the journal"Cochrane "and brought to France in thelatest issue of" prescribe ".
The paper said that "the survey compiles ten clinical trials on a total of 3760 patients, mean age 43 years, grilling about 25 cigarettes a day and everyone wants to do awaywith tobacco. A year after their decision to quit, only one in ten had actually succeeded,90% relapsed.
The authors of this study indicate that "the large number of chemicals contained incigarettes is addictive important in our brain, which is very difficult to remove. "

"However, when the volunteers "have received assistance, whether psychological oras 

a patch nicotine, the success rate rises slightly to 15% after one year. Without reinforcement, the level of success does not exceed 4% after one year ... "continues Le Parisien.
The newspaper added that "researchers have also looked at whether it was better to stop suddenly, overnight, or gradually reduce the amount of cigarettes would be more appropriate. [...] To their surprise, there is no difference between the final two strategies!.
Professor Gerard Dubois, a lung specialist and tobacco notes that the low rate ofsuccess "should not discourage those who want to quit. This requires significant effort,but it is a major public health issue. "




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