Science et Vie, February 2011

Science Life and asks:

"Will there be one day repair damage caused by multiple sclerosis? 

An international team (UK, France, Japan) opened a serious lead. "Magazine says that" it is to stimulate the natural self-healing abilities of the brain to reconstruct the "jacket" insulating nerve fibers destroyed by MS. "The magazine says that" this sheath, formed myelin is produced by specialized cells: oligodendrocytes.

 If a lesion appears, oligodendrocyte stem cells migrate to the site, are transformed into mature oligodendrocytes and boost the production of myelin. This process does not work in MS. "Brahim Nait Oumesmar, the French team, said:" Our objective was to identify what factors blocked the repair. The RXRy emerged as a key protein. Life science and states that this protein "is also essential for the production of myelin. However, the RXRy disappears when MS develops.

"Evercooren Anne Baron-Van, Institute of Brain and spinal cord (Pairs), notes that" it is a good drug target for the potential in stem cells brain. "The magazine notes that" synthetic molecules - the rexinoids - are already known to interact with RXRy. Failing to prevent the outbreak of the disease, treatments based rexinoids could promote regeneration and repair of myelin sheaths.


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