Under its "sports", Libération publishes an interview with Karine Schaal, an engineer at the Institute for Biomedical Research and Epidemiology of Sport (Irme), who "conducted a study on the psychological health of athletes highest level. " 
The specialist explains first why launch such a study: "A decree of 16 June 2006 required the athletes a medical examination including psychological assessment twice a year. These athletes are highly publicized, and some cases of depression are attracting a lot: it spreads the idea that sport in high doses is not healthy. " 
Kari Schaal continues: "We established a grid of 52 entries study: potential trouble sleeping, eating behavior, anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, etc.. More than 2000 athletes from seven sports categories participated in the study. " 
The researcher said the results "are very reassuring. The practice of sport at a high level does not damage mental health. The prevalence of psychological disorders is comparable for these athletes to the rest of the population. They are even more protected, less than 1% of cases of major depression, 2.6% cons. 
Kari Schaal added that "the results are different depending on the sport. For example, athletes from an aesthetic discipline are more prone to anxiety disorders. This can be explained by the fact that their success is linked to a jury. "

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